Interior Environments

For one of the best teams out there in corporate interiors and environments, choose Innovative Environments. We have the experience, creativity and productive capacity to make all of your design ideas and architectural concepts a reality. Come to us to execute broadcast studios that will surpass all your or your clients’ expectations.

At Innovative Environments, our experienced staff works with corporate interior designers, architects, and broadcast designers from across the country and the world, to produce custom broadcast studio set displays, trade show exhibits, corporate interiors and more.

The Best in Custom TV Studio Set Environments

When you choose Innovative Environments to bring a broadcast environment to life with custom TV studio set displays, you can trust us for professional production, detailing and installation services. We’ll make your corporate broadcast design dreams a reality, even down to the smallest detail.

With our first-class custom fabrication capacities, we’ll work with you to make your concept shine, from the digital design and engineering stage to production, painting and finishing. Our production team works with materials like wood, aluminum, carbon steel and anything else you want. We’ll weld, engrave or even digitally print it to meet your needs.

For a competitive price, you can get a team on your side that’s truly equipped to deal with any custom broadcast studio challenge. We’ll work for you as a partner on your project, and you can count on us to be reliable, enthusiastic and ready for anything. Whether it’s for work on broadcast studios, or any other custom interior space from education to retail, we’ve got your back.

Example of Innovative Environment's Broadcast/TV Set Interior
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