Knowledge, experience, and talent are at the forefront of being able to provide the right solutions for our clients. The ability to manage all aspects of the project under one roof gives us a great advantage over the competition.

Our Visionary, Craig Koopersmith, has curated a first-class team with over 70 years of combined experience and knowledge to build a world-class company that believes in the Core Values of unwavering quality, commitment to timelines and budgets, and superb customer service. We have expanded our  80,000 sq ft facility with an additional 35,000 sq ft of fabrication space for our wood and metal shop, graphics space, thermoform, screenprinting, and an assembly room for 3D architectural graphics and ADA signage. 

Chris Brast, PMP

Director of Corporate Signage
Raised in the construction industry and mentored by quality-conscious individuals, their integrity, attention to detail and “can do attitudes” are engrained in my DNA. 25 years of working with the best architects, designers, owners and general contractors allow me to do what I love. Bringing their ideas and designs to life while meeting or exceeding their high quality standards is what keeps me going.

When Rick Terry brought the idea to me of building a world class team of professionals who shared my goals and ethics, I knew I wanted to be a part of that endeavor. I am adding my construction, fabrication and project management experience to this remarkable team.

Autumn Thompson

Director of Multifamily                                                                                            I had a Developer call me a few years ago asking if I was taking new clients. Of course, I was! When I met with her, I asked her why she was looking to move and what we could do differently than the current company. She said she needed someone that she could count on and wanted “Bad Ass Signage.” I will never forget that day; I loved it! That is my passion; that is what I do and the reason that I came to IE. It’s great to go into the office every day with people who feel the same way.

Isaac Lupovitch

Director of Corporate  Interiors                                                                       I’ve been with the Sabre Group of Companies for 8 years. Starting in trade shows and exhibits, I’ve grown to manage and lead the team on large-scale corporate interiors and broadcast studio projects, working with various clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, architects, and universities. In 2018, I joined the Innovative Environment’s corporate interior team,  bringing my problem-solving, organizational, and communication skills to ensure our client’s expectations are exceeded and projects are delivered on time.

Notable projects to date:

Ion Building Houston, TX, Gensler Corporate Office Houston, TX, University of Alabama Broadcast Studio, KHOU Houston, TX


Julio Zamudio

Fabrication Manager                                                                                   Custom fabrication is in my blood. Whether we are building a trade show exhibit, broadcast studio, museum display or corporate interior, our fabrication team is committed to meeting your quality and delivery requirements. We LOVE building the coolest, most out-of-the-box one of a kind stuff you can imagine!

Kimberly Casarta

Marketing Manager and Sr. Project Manager
As IE’s Marketing Manager, I’m beyond thrilled to bring my multifaceted can-do attitude to such a talented group! With more than 15 years of experience in Oil and Gas, Tradeshow, and Signage I’ve learned despite wearing many hats (project manager, marketing coordinator, strategist, counselor :)) my goals are always the same – exceed clients expectations, empower the team, and deliver results.


From concept to grand opening, we will guide you through the process with our state of the art facility and team.

Houston Office:

7885 Northcourt Rd - Ste. 100, Houston, TX 77040