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Forward-thinking designers and architects creating new designer concepts and pushing the envelope need partners who can keep up with them and adapt as they innovate. At Innovative Environments, we specialize in custom fabrication and installation for projects just like ours. We can be your flexile partner in putting together museum interior environments and all types of exciting projects.

We’re always eager for a challenge. Bring us in for the next custom museum interior exhibits you plan and watch us execute your design down to the smallest detail. With over 30 years of experience and a meticulous attention to detail, we can give you the customized solution to your custom design.

Your Custom Museum Interior Displays Realized

Clients choose us for competitive prices, proven custom design executions and because they want a fun, trustworthy partner to help them follow through on their designs. Ours is one of the best production teams in the country for custom news sets, custom museum interior displays, corporate interiors and more.

Innovative Environments will be by your side through discovery, production and installation. We’ll help with detailing, drawing and rendering your design to help you communicate it and flesh out the details. Our master craftsmen will build exactly what you need for your museum environmental interior designs with wood, metals or digital printing. Then our installation team will step in to make everything come together with professional painting, custom signage and graphics and more.

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Choose Us to Build Your Museum Interior Environments

For your innovative museum exhibits and displays, make us a partner to help you execute your designs and make them a reality. Don’t settle for less when it comes to giving your plans the support and production services they need to really shine. Find us online today and reach out to Innovative Environments to learn more about our services for your next project. Your ideas deserve careful and precise execution, and that’s what we’ll give you.


From concept to grand opening, we will guide you through the process with our state of the art facility and team.

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